Statewide Outreach

To best serve and share the 100 Club of Illinois resources throughout the state, our outreach team will be able to help connect you to programs, information, and contacts for your first responders needs. The 100 Club of Illinois has designated regions of the state that is designed to target communication, resources, and events. Each region will be targeted for annual department days, valor awards, fundraisers, and training events.

The following roles have been established as points of contact to communicate these geographically relevant resources:

  • Regional Coordinator: serves as a coordinator of a 100 Club of IL region and community liaisons within. Coordinator will aid in building a support team of community liaisons within their region to aid in outreach throughout their region. Coordinator will ensure program materials and offerings are distributed and made known throughout the designated region. This may include individual meetings and communications with department contacts, community or department presentations, and attending 100 Club events.
  • Outreach Liaison: serves as a point person and messenger for a targeted geographical area within a 100 Club of IL region. Liaisons will provide outreach support, notify the 100 Club of community needs, and attend relevant events and programming. Outreach liaisons may be designated to specifically serve in a community, police, and/or fire capacity dependent on the individuals specialty. Outreach liaisons may also be chapter coordinators should a specific geographical area declare themselves as a 100 Club of Illinois chapter.

The 100 Club of Illinois refers to 100 Club associates in one of two ways:

  • Chapters: county-wide contingents of the 100 Club of Illinois who have committed to a higher involvement of county outreach, promotion, programming, fundraising, and events; run in collaboration with outreach liaisons and 100 Club of Illinois staff.
  • Affiliates: pre-existing 100 Club organizations with their own bylaws, programming, and board; are not contingents of the 100 Club of IL but may work in collaboration with the 100 Club of Illinois for community programming and resources. The 100 Club of Illinois does supplement programming offered by affiliate 100 Club organizations in the state.

 As the 100 Club of Illinois continues to grow in our recent expansion, the following regional contacts and programs have been established:

Regional Coordinators for all 7 100 Club of Illinois regions: