Family Assistance

Educational Assistance

First Responder Assistance

Since its inception, the 100 Club of Illinois has served 305 families with more than $14 million, of which more than $7 million was devoted to educational assistance for the dependents.

  • Family Assistance

  • Educational Assistance

A representative from the 100 Club of Illinois meets with surviving family members within 24 hours following the loss of life in the line of duty. The family is then presented with immediate financial assistance of up to $50,000 and access to the support and resources of the Club. The 100 Club representative works with the family, department, and other statewide support services to ensure the family has access to every resources they need. 

The Educational Assistance Program provides financial assistance for dependents for their undergraduate, vocational education and graduate studies.  Currently, there are 32 dependents receiving assistance from the program and there are an additional 118 children who will be eligible for assistance as they reach college age.

Beginning in March 2021, the First Responder Assistance Program focuses on providing resources, via training and funding, to active duty first responders and departments. This program aims to create a safety net around our first responders and provide them with the tools they need to be safe, healthy, and resilient.