Our Deepest Sympathy to the Granite Mountain Hotshots

Dear Friends of the 100 Club,

By now you have all heard the devastating news that 19 firemen, members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, were killed in the line of duty battling the Yarnell Hill wildfire in central Arizona on Sunday, June 29. According to Prescott Fire Chief Dan Fraijo, this loss represents nearly 20% of the Prescott Fire Department and is the single largest loss of firefighters since 343 brave men and women died in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

This disaster brings into sharp focus the unpredictable reality that our firemen and women face on a daily basis. As we plan our 4th of July celebrations with family and friends, let us pause and remember the immeasurable sacrifice of these fallen heroes. Let us not forget that this Thursday, 19 families will be struggling to move forward, their lives forever shattered by unspeakable sadness and uncertainty.

One of the most remarkable things about America is that we are the most giving and generous nation in the world. During a natural disaster such as in Arizona or times of unprecedented crisis as seen in Boston, we watch the news and marvel at the bravery and fearlessness of our first responders, and we ourselves feel compelled to join in the effort. We are reminded that we must stand together, shoulder to shoulder, to support the courage and selfless conduct of our firefighters and police officers. Their bravery obliges us to do our part and makes us all better Americans.

I’d like to wish all of you a wonderful Independence Day and thank you for the tremendous support you have shown throughout the years. Let this tragedy in Arizona serve as an affirmation to us all that the work of the 100 Club is invaluable. Let it also renew our commitment to our local first responders because professionally, their finest hour will always come on someone else’s worst day.

Joe Ahern

Watch video below to see various local fire departments having their patches presented to the Prescott Fire Department.  The patches were collected and presented by the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, Handlers and Staff.