Meet 100 Club Member, Sheldon Good

43 Years of Membership

The 100 Club of Illinois caught up with Sheldon Good to hear what 43 years of membership has meant to him. Sheldon joined the Club in 1978 and has been a member of our Board of Directors and now Chairman’s Council.

Sheldon has always had a connection to the law enforcement community, either through the numerous law enforcement officers who were friends of his father or the local members of his Northside Chicago community. Recalling that from a young age he felt a sense of protection provided by the police.

Sheldon grew up in Rogers Park and was involved in many sports during high school and college. He played football and was a competitive swimmer. With his passion for swimming and helping others, he became a lifeguard at Touhy Beach in Chicago. Quickly forming close friendships with the other lifeguards, recalling the experience made men out of them. It was physically and at times mentally challenging, a very visual responsibility, to always remain alert. About half of the young lifeguards eventually became police officers, discovering their passion to protect early on. 

Sheldon graduated from the University of Illinois. After college he enlisted in the United States Army and served at Yokota Air Base in Japan for two years. After leaving the army, he joined a real estate firm, eight years later he founded his own company, Sheldon Good & Company. He had a passion for selling properties, traveling abroad, selling and auctioning all over the world.

Coming back to Chicago, Sheldon was introduced to the 100 Club while a member of the Bryn Mawr Country Club. He, along with five others, were invited to a heroes’ dinner hosted by the 100 Club to honor those who had committed acts of valor. After attending the dinner, the group was very impressed with the organization and decided to join, continuing his relationship with the first responder community.

Sheldon remains very active in the Chicagoland area with multiple organizations outside of the Club, including the United Nations, FIABCI, and the Alpha Epsilon Pi at Northwestern. He feels a strong obligation to show up and be a participating member in the organizations he has chosen to support.

Sheldon wholeheartedly believes in the mission of the 100 Club. He couldn’t imagine a Chicago without the police. He often stops officers on the street to tell first responders thank you and pass along 100 Club challenge coins – providing a small token of his appreciation to those he respects so deeply.

The Club is made up of so many dedicated members like Sheldon – people who believe in the good work our first responders are doing for our communities. We thank Sheldon and all of those who are committed to the Club and to providing for our 100 Club families and first responders!